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Product and Supplier Research

For each of our clients we analyze their business strategy and product demands. After a comprehensive analysis we recommend the suppliers that best suit our client´s needs.

Factory Audit >>

A factory’s audit assesses a manufacturer’s capability to fulfill contractual obligations for product quality, packaging, quantity and delivery terms.

Price Optimization >>

We help our clients negotiate not only the best prices for the product but also the most suitable payments conditions, products guarantee and agreements for exclusive distribution of a product.

Collection and Processing of samples >>

We collect samples from the suppliers in our office and check the quality and the specifications of the samples comply with the requirements of the clients. Finally we send the samples to our clients for final approval when needed.

Initial Production Inspection >>

Initial inspection serves to verify that the sample product matches the actual product of our client or that the supplier has a thorough understanding of our client´s requirements. This initial inspection allows our company to verify that special requirements are met during production and to be proactive and make necessary adjustments.

Production Inspection >>

We understand that the process for manufactured goods differs from product to product. As a result, we can monitor more closely the production conditions. At different stages of production the client is informed about the progress of the goods.

Final Product Inspection (pre-shipment) >>

The final inspection is made before the goods are shipped to make sure that the goods will be delivered according to purchase order. We verify that the products specifications and special characteristics meet the requirements of our clients.

Laboratory Test >>

For products that require special analysis, tests, or certifications.

Logistic Services >>

To certify that the customers' products are packed, protected, labeled, and loaded in an excellent condition. We analyze the shipping documents to assure they comply with the requirements of the destination. These measures protect our clients' products from becoming delayed at the customs offices.

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