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Market Research Study

We do Industry research that identifies the type of products and services that will reduce costs all along the supply chain.

Serviced Office >>

We facilitate a physical address in China for our clients. The client can consider this office part of its office network. We also arrange office spaces with the necessary amenities and employees for customers interested in an office or subsidiary in China. Our services will reduce operational costs for our customers as well as long lease agreements.

Company Set-up >>

We provide consulting services for customers interested in establishing a company in China or Hong Kong. Joint ventures (JV), wholly owned foreign enterprise (WOFE), or representative offices (RO) in China and HK.

Business Schedule in China >>

For customers interested in attending fairs, or visiting suppliers we can arrange their visitation schedule in China from arranging flights, lodging to transportation. We also set up appointments, meetings, agendas, and provide multilingual personnel to accompany our clients.

Participation on International Fairs >>

We assist customers interested in participating in fairs that take place in China. At the fairs, we register our customers' company with the organizers, create promotional materials, install and manage the booth.

Translation and Interpretation Services >>

We can translate all necessary documentation as well as certify them at request. We also provide interpreters for International Fairs, meetings, agendas, etc.

Personal Selection >>

We guaranteed multilingual personnel selection both for your staff members as well as for occasional backup during visits or trade fairs.

Advertising and Marketing Material >>

We create advertising and marketing material (catalogues, fliers, brochures, business cards, etc.) adapted to the Asian market.
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